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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Wat Mai Suwankiri

Wat Mai Suwankiri
Wat Mai Suwankiri main temple building, Tumpat, Kelantan.

One of the most picturesque and elaborate buddhist temples in Kelantan and Malaysia. The site is in Kampung Bukit Tanah in the district of Tumpat, about 25 km from Kota Bharu. Wat Mai Suwankiri is famous for it's Dragon Boat temple.

Said to be built some 400 years ago by craftsmen from Thailand, the main temple and hall is a 3-storey building with twin roofs, and a standing buddha statue in between the roofs.

Side view of the main temple building.

Standing Buddha statue on the roof.
Buddha statue on the roof of the 3-storey main building.

Dragon Boat Vihara (temple) at Wat Mai Suwankiri.

The Dragon Boat Vihara is an elaborate structure surrounded by water. Four nagas (dragons or serpents) protect the boat. The decoration and craftsmanship is intricate and detailed. Inside the vihara is a veneration of Pra Nak Prok buddha.

A veneration of Pra Nak Prok buddha inside the Dragon Boat vihara.

The mural on the sides of the ceiling inside the Dragon Boat depicts the life of buddha. The detailing is simply stunning.

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