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Thursday, June 5, 2014

unique shop at Lovers' Bridge.

A unique shop selling favourite edibles, novelty gifts and antiques.
There is much to browse at the shop. Dried foodstuff, dried sea products, biscuits, prawn and fish crackers, various types of bottled sauces, antiques and fun novelty items.

Candy pops in various flavours.
Got your attention, didn't they?
They are so cute. And those charcoal irons on the bench are begging to be inspected. For those hunting for edibles, there is a great assortment of biscuits and crackers.

There is something for everyone!
Favourite edibles, antiques or cute novelty decor, this shop has them all! Old weighing scale, oriental swords, gramaphone, telephone, radio, sewing machine, various types of crackers, urns, novelty eggs, and those dogs.

Retro-style bicycle with decoration.
A few of these bicycles were used as decoration outside the shop. Each bicycle is decorated with an lace umbrella, a straw hat and fan. A boat serves as the backdrop.

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