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Friday, July 16, 2010

Malayan tiger { panthera tigris jacksoni }

Malayan tiger { panthera tigris jacksoni }

Malayan tigers ( Panthera tigris jacksoni ) at the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park. Malayan tigers are found in the southern and central parts of Peninsula Malaysia. Recent counts showed there are 600-800 in the wild, making it the largest tiger population other than the Bengal and Indochinese tigers. It is still an endangered sub-species.

This is perhaps the smallest extant sub-species of tiger. Its stripe pattern is similar to the Indochinese tiger but its size is closer to the Sumatran tiger. The average weight is 120 kg for adult males and 100 kg for females. Male Malayan tigers are around 237cm in length from head to tail and female Malayan tigress around 200cm in length.

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